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Come see a demonstration of the GRiSP-Base boards when our team presents at a conference near you, or follow along for the latest news on the project.

February 2019

GRiSP 2 Kickstarter Announced

At Code BEAM in San Francisco, Peer Stritzinger and the team announced the GRiSP 2 project: an updated and improved design for the GRiSP board, with new features like an ethernet port and software integration with Elixir and Nerves.

This time around, we're using Kickstarter to fund the initial production run. Check out the page for details, or to add your pledge!

A stylized rendering of the Grisp 2 board as a colored pencil sketch.

May 2018

Free Workshop in Stockholm for Code BEAM STO

The team will be in Stockholm for Code BEAM STO, and will be presenting a free full-day workshop on how to build with GRiSP. You'll get a chance to test-drive the boards and some of our favorite accessories: sensors and actuators.

Want to learn how to run Erlang without a OS kernel? Want to deploy software to a small wireless embedded system? Want to interact with hardware such as accelerometers, thermometers, hygrometers, stepper motors and a little robot?

Then this is the course for you!

Join this full day course and learn how to create and deploy Erlang projects on the GRiSP embedded board. Learn how to connect to it using Wi-Fi and how to interact with and write your own drivers for hardware peripherals.

We will provide access to hardware such as GRiSP boards, PMOD devices and other accessories. You will be able to buy the GRiSP board at a discount to take home with you after the course to continue developing your projects.

Knowledge about programming is required and some basic knowledge of Erlang is a plus.

The workshop is on 30 May, the day before the conference. Reserve a free ticket from the Code BEAM EventBrite page; click the "tickets" button and scroll down—you don't need to be registered for the conference to come to the workshop!

Code BEAM STO logo

November 2017

Starting Shipments!

We're shipping the pre-orders now! Of course, you can still order GRiSP-Base boards if you haven't already.

As usual, there were a few surprises during final testing, but we're finally happy and hope you will be, too. More updates to come, once the team has time to gather their thoughts.

The Grisp board, with bright green indicator light

September 2017

Finalized Hardware for production

Today we finalized the hardware version for production! All the hardware problems are resolved and we can finally start building the first batch.

When we were able to talk to the WiFi module reliably we found that the antenna adaption needed a bit of tweaking. Now we are happy with the WiFi antenna and are using our boards almost solely via WiFi for development.

Normal manufacturing time from now is 8 weeks, so we hope for mid-November. We will keep you posted.

We're still taking pre-orders. Special greeting to all who preordered already, thank you for your patience!

Read the full 21 September newsletter online.

June 2017

Thank You for Your Patience

We've had some delays and have had to revise our estimated delivery date for the first production batch of GRiSP-Base boards.

The problem started with the faulty USB interface on the Atmel ARM CPU (confirmed by Atmel). In order to get the WLAN working, we had to add an external USB controller to the bus.

We picked a USB controller for which a driver already exists, hoping not much additional effort would be required to get it working. However, the driver needs extending, and for extending a driver you still need to learn all the little bits and pieces of the hardware, like for writing one from scratch.

The good news is that we have a WLAN that works partially, and we are positive that the hardware can be released for production in the middle of June. We have also written several drivers for Digilent Pmods like accelerometers, gyros and motors, and can already see that it is a lot of fun and very productive to write higher level functionality in Erlang.

We're hard at work making the latest Erlang/OTP versions compatible with the GRiSP board. Currently, we have Erlang/OTP 19.3.6 ready and working, with Erlang 20.0 in the pipeline. At launch at least Erlang 19 will be available pre-packaged.

We've also built a Rebar 3 plug-in for setting up a GRiSP project. The plugin will provide templates for new projects, build tooling and deploy functionality to deploy your application to an SD card ready to boot on the GRiSP board.

Read the 6 June newsletter online.

Read the 27 June newsletter online.

March 2017

GRiSP Shop Open for Business

The online store is now open for pre-orders of GRiSP boards.

We're currently offering three options:

  • The GRiSP-base board ready to boot Erlang from the included SD-card
  • Just the GRiSP-base board, without an SD-Card
  • A 10-pack of GRiSP boards

The store uses Shopify to manage product orders, and PayPal for payments.

Read the full March newsletter online.

A prototype board, next to an 8GB SD card

November 2016

Project Updates & Regrets for CodeMesh

Unfortunately, I couldn't come to CodeMesh London to give an update on the GRiSP project in person, as planned.

Here is a short rundown of the current status:

  • Hardware functionality is verified for most of the interfaces.

  • We are able to talk to the WiFi module via USB now. This was more work than planned, since a whole new USB driver was necessary for the USB-Host on the CPU.

  • WiFi "user mode" support is still a work in progress, but getting there. WiFi drivers rely on user-mode programs a lot, these are interesting to port on a OS like RTEMS where there is no user-mode or concept of programs.

  • The Erlang port is progressing well, starting with a R16 beam and now being rebased to current.

Even though there is no Grisp talk at CodeMesh, we will still have the planned raffle of 5 boards to people who sign up to the email newsletter during the conference.

For more about the Grisp-Base project, see the video of my talk at EUC 2016, or download the (PDF) slides.

Sorry that I couldn't be at CodeMesh,

Peer Stritzinger

The Peer Stritzinger GmbH team will nonetheless still be represented at CodeMesh by Claudia Doppioslash, giving a talk on a different project: building a graphical interface to an Erlang VM logic controller.

The next scheduled conference appearance of the GRiSP prototype boards is at Erlang Factory Lite conference in Berlin, 24 November.

September 2016

Erlang User Conference in Stockholm

Peer introduced the new GRiSP-Base prototype at EUC‌2016 in Stockholm in early September, to great success. Missed out? Watch the entire presentation video here.

An overview of the talk is on the conference website, and you can download the slides as a PDF file.

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