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We are now selling GRiSP-Base boards, individually or in bulk.

Currency Converter:

Prices in the GRiSP store are charged in Euros (€). However, you can display prices converted into the following currencies based on Shopify's latest exchange rates:

VAT exemption for business customers:

The store will charge 19% VAT on shipments to addresses in the European Union.

If you are a European business, located outside of Germany, and have a VAT identification number, you are eligible for reverse-charge taxation, with no VAT charged on the purchase.

Please email us at grisp@stritzinger.com with your company's VAT ID and shipping address.

The email address must match the email that you use on checkout, and the shipping address must not be in Germany. If you complete the first stage of the checkout process (submitting your email and shipping address) before emailing us your VAT information, we'll be able to match your data in the Shopify logs, and send you a link to complete your checkout—VAT free—after verification.


All prices are charged in Euros; displayed prices in other currencies are informational only.

The store database and checkout are operated by Shopify; payments are processed via PayPal; orders will be shipped via Fulfillment by Amazon. VAT identification numbers are validated by Exemptify by Modules4U.

The web store requires JavaScript to operate, and a modern web browser; we test in the latest stable versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and MS Edge, but it should work in browsers as old as Internet Explorer 9. If no products are displayed, or if the shopping cart/checkout is not working correctly, please confirm that you are online and JavaScript is enabled. If you still have difficulties, please contact us.